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Big Cat gets Little Fish

From a fly on the wall to a fish in a bowl, Sharkey and George, the newest members of the Big Cat family will be reporting to you from their home – the Big Cat boardroom!
April has been an exciting month for us; we have settled in our new home, met our new family and even listened in on some top secret meetings!…

This month in the boardroom has been a busy one; the PR and Marketing teams are once again collaborating to finalise the social media strategies for a number of different businesses and governing bodies – obviously we only have a short memory so didn’t catch a lot (especially anything that Kenny said!)

Witness, our favorite rapper, dropped in to see us; he’s working with the West Midlands Police on a charity fun run. Personally I think that it should be a swim-a-thon, Witness wasn’t to keen on the idea, never mind.

We became very excited to overhear that some of the family will be working away from the office this summer. The Big Cat Events team will be working with Jägermeister at lots of cool festivals such as Download, Wakestock and Creamfields – if you see them make sure you say hello! We’d go but the mud is too thick to swim through.

p17-04-09_1455Our uncle Jason from the design studio is putting together a brochure for Wella, we have been lucky enough to see a sneak preview into next season’s new hair trends! Not sure any of those styles will suit us but we might give one a go, just incase some ladies come to visit us soon!

Next month we will be bringing more news from the boardroom….

Sharkey and George x


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360 Links for 19 March

Marketing:The future of Twitter

Here is an insight into the monetization of Twitter. Hopefully it’s not true, I think sponsored tweets would be crass and counter productive for everyone. Obviously, as I do it myself, I think having a company presence on Twitter is a great way on connecting to people, but it must still be used in the proper way, information sharing etc, not just slapping ads in people’s faces.

Personal: URA Star

I know it is none business related but it is a great event with really strong messages that effect all of us, particularly those of you with children. The star Witness is a great guy, really switched on and does some good work through his Foundations for life charity. You can follow him on twitter also and support the welfare of local children.

Creative Design: 10 Amazing brands

Our creative director, Jason Liggitt, is a massive fan of great branding and these are some fab examples of branding that have become part of our collective psyche.

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