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Links for 30th January

11 reasons you can’t ignore social media in 2009

I know I’m preaching to the perverted but just in case you doubted it.

BCMG music diary

I know it’s nothing earth shattering, but I enjoyed a really nice evening at the CBSO centre last Sunday and I feel duty bound to give BCMG a little plug with their diary.

St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day is coming round again, it only feels like a year since it was last looming. Emerald village, for the families, will be at the hallowed Custard Factory and for another year Birmingham will show the world the second biggest St Patrick’s Day clebrations in the world. A whopping 100,000 are expected to attend.

Digbeth getting Birmingham’s tallest building

I mainly posted this because Simon has taken some really good shots of Birmingham in all its glory. In the comments, there are some good points about Brum really needs to get a tall building.

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