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The future of the Custard Factory – Part 2

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about what might be the future of the Custard Factory, claiming that its capacity as a music venue had somewhat reached its terminal velocity. Every big night is full but you can’t expand financially until you expand physically.

Time for the Custard Factory to fulfil its potential
Time for the Custard Factory to fulfil its potential

The answer to the conundrum may be answered by the forthcoming Bodies Revealed exhibition and similar events. Bodies Revealed is open all day, six days a week and is expected to bring 6,500 people through the doors of Custard Factory’s Space 2. That is a consistent number that doing big club nights simply can’t compete with. In addition to that, every visitor will no doubt drop into ‘Yumm’ for their lunch, The Old Crown for a pint and do some shopping in the flea market or COW. The knock on effects for the local economy could be profound.

It also provides invaluable PR for the Custard Factory. A new breed of customer will be taken into the creative beehive and see what everyone gets so excited about. It could inspire bigger exhibitions or events to use the Custard Factory, in turn perpetuating more business to the complex and its neighboring amenities.Bodies Revealed

The Gallery, Old Library, Theatre and Factory Club could all benefit from the extra exposure and visitor footfall. The potential of the Custard Factory has been the talk of creative Birmingham for some time, maybe now it is the chance to fulfil it.

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Bodies Revealed comes to the Custard Factory

Visit www.bodiesbirmingham.co.uk

After traveling the world and receiving spectacular reviews from New York to Athens, with the help of Big Cat group, Bodies Revealed is here!
Tropicanna Hotel and Casino Resort
The extraordinary anatomical exhibition is coming to the heart of England and can be seen from the 30th October at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. Without a doubt this is one of the most fascinating and bizarre exhibitions ever to grace the venue, but in conjunction with Dr Roy Glover, the Chief Medical Director and his expert team, we look to educate and inform the public in a truly amazing manner.

This exclusive exhibition gives people of all ages a chance to explore the complex inner workings of our own bodies in an exciting and educational way.

Bodies Revealed is an exciting and pioneering exhibition that revolutionises the way in which we look at our bodies. Using polymer preservation techniques Dr Roy Glover, presents a fantastic opportunity to view the complex systems that we all rely on to live.

‘Opening yourself to a greater knowledge of your own body will enable you to make more informed decisions about its care and keeping. If you are successful at doing this, then the countless hours of work that have gone into developing and preparing the exhibition for you to enjoy will have been richly rewarded.’ Dr. Roy Glover, Chief Medical director. Tropicanna Hotel and Casino Resort

The intimate workings of our bodies has fascinated humans since the dawn of the species, from the first recorded medical dissection by the ancient Greeks in 500 B.C, to the beginnings of the Human Genome project in 2003. Bodies Revealed offers a unique opportunity for the public to see what is really happening inside the human body. Using real human specimens and the pioneering technique of polymer preservation, the effects of a bad diet, excessive drinking and smoking, can bee seen in amazing detail.

It really is an opportunity not to be missed. The incredible instrument that is the human body is stripped bare and all of its deepest and previously hidden wonders are on display for all to see.

Visit www.bodiesbirmingham.co.uk for more information. Bodies Revealed Social Media can be found on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Digg and FriendFeed.

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Forget New York: This is Birmingham!

I’m sure anyone that has walked around the Bullring in the last week or so will have noticed a Statue of Liberty and a mock up yellow taxi just outside the Selfridges building.Taxi

I don’t know if this is a marketing ploy or stunt (although I assume it is) but it doesn’t half look out of place. Firstly, they’re not particularly evocative; it doesn’t grab the eye and whisk you over the mental pond to the land of steaming grills and Christmas movies. Secondly, and this maybe over the top, it is right next to Birmingham’s biggest landmark and symbol.

New York wouldn’t have a mock up Bullring, Custard Factory or ‘Floozie in the Jacuzzi’, it doesn’t need to because it’s a well established, world class city.

So is Birmingham, we’re not New York (yet) but we have unique landmarks and a distinctive culture. That means we no longer have to rely on basking in the glory of other cities. Our re-invention from industrial powerhouse to cultural and creative hotbed in little over 10 years is remarkable, and there is a genuine community and life force growing within the city.statue-of-liberty

Selfridges and the NEC give us an immediate draw and the beauty of the Council Building, Town Hall, and Centenary Square provide the city with a scenic dignity comparable with any European city.

I’m probably wrong, they’re probably a littlebit of fun but I think Birmingham has enough of a grounding and culture to not need to decorate our town with trinkets from New York or Paris.


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Sharkey and George are back!!!

That time again… here to give you a sneak preview into the goings on in the Big Cat office.

The rain has been getting the Big Cat team down, so to cheer themselves up they decided to have a go-karting team building day! Its not safe for goldfish to go go-karting so we stayed in the safety of the board room. Well done to Nick Morgan & Julie Edge for winning the group race and Anthony Tattum for winning overall day!

go karting

We have seen some new faces in the office – Leila Campbell who sits with the events team and Sarah Stephenson who has been in the design studio. Its nice to see more ladies in the office.

This month has also seen the launch of departmental blogs. We did ask if we could have one but the boss said no – this regular post once a month is enough *sob sob*.

Events team has been working on events all over the city as everyone’s favourite venue The Old Library undergoes a refurbishment. This will include a new floor, new lighting system and a lick of paint amongst other things.

The PR, Social Media and events team had great news that they will be working together on 2 new projects. Events and Social Media will be working together on the West Midlands Police’s Safer Students campaign; the team working on this project will be making the road show interactive both physically and via the web to encourage trust in the police amongst the youth community.

Another departmental collaboration will be the Chamberlain Awards, the PR and events department will be working together to promote the ceremony and ensure the smooth running on the evening – I hope we get invited so I can wear my tux.

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Say Hello to Big Cat Experience

All hail Leila Campbell, our newest recruit and latest blogger. The Big Cat Experience blog is now live and I demand all and sundry read it every day!

Leila will be streaming footage and images of Big Cat’s events from The Custard Factory and other external venues.

She will also be providing valuable insight into the events industry as well as comment features and general musings.

Events, dear boy, events!


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One single vision – Where next for Birmingham

With the departure of Clive Dutton, who has been so instrumental in securing the future of the city, thoughts turn to ‘what do we do next?’.

Do we carry on as we are, or do we introspect a bit and refine our strategy? These are tough questions and it proves what we should already know; town planning is not easy.
Our glorious leader, Anthony Tattum, said so eloquently in the Birmingham Post‘s ‘Pen Portrait’ (Sorry Alun) that Birmingham ‘needs a single vision’. I didn’t know he harboured this opinion until I read it in the paper, and I have to say I agree.

There is a relentless tug-of-war between seperate sectors on how the future of the city should look and feel.

One side would prefer to capitalise on Birmingham’s burgeoning creative industry and Digbeth based online innovation, whilst the other side would rather a more urbane, modern chic. See it as BrindleyPlace versus The Custard Factory.
brindly place
But here is the problem, it is difficult to achieve both and I can’t see the council favouring post-industrial developments such as Fazeley Studios over slick new builds like The Library and New Street Station.

Is there a middle ground or should we develop Digbeth and Eastside in the creative mould whilst cleaning up the city centre with modern designs?

Personally I think the creative industries are the future of this city and it gives a unique selling point; it would make sense to invest in these areas.

The only thing we do know is that we need to pick a direction and run in it.


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Eclectricity Review: A hot night with Friendly Fires

Let me make my thoughts clear from the start, I am not a wild party animal or a keen fan of most of the acts at Eclectricity, but last Sunday was one of the best nights I have been to in a long time. It could have had something to do with the ABV of Becks, nonetheless it was a great night with some top performances from Calvin Harris and Friendly Fires. Although Scratch Perverts were slightly disappointing, as was Annie Mac, it could not detract from another memorable Eclectricity at the Custard Factory.
Sadly I didn’t arrive till late so apologies for the lack of review prior to Calvin Harris’s performance. Anyway, the Scotsman launched into his set with vigour and a surprising amount of charisma. I would struggle to tell you all the hits he played but it wasn’t the songs that made it special. The crowd fed off his exuberance, a fact I learnt to my cost trying to get close enough to the stage to take a good snap, and his stage presence was rather magnetic. I am currently uploading all my pictures of his performance so I’ll keep you posted when they get through.

Without doubt the highlight of the evening was Friendly Fires’s set in the Lake. Everything about them was good; the look, the music, the sound, the performance, the crowd, everything. Again, I’m not a fan of the band; they get played a lot in the Big Cat Office, generally to my displeasure, but Sunday converted me and I have certainly changed my opinions of them, even listening to them volunterily this morning.

Other highlights included Annie Mac’s stage invasion, that prompted organisers to suspend play for a few minutes, as well as Fabio’s live set.

In short summary, next time Eclectricity comes to town (May 24) make damn sure you’re there from start to finish.

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