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360 Links for 22 May

In the time honoured tradition I have some new links to interesting sites that concern some of the 5 departments of our company.

Creative Design: 20 Useful websites for graphic design and textural patterns

Sure this is a slight cheat as I’m linking to a site that is linking to a load of other sites, but its all about spreading the word, and this link will help you get some great advice and inspiration.

Socia Media: How we can measure Social Media

If you read my last post, I give some advice on how we at Big Cat pitch in KPIs and strategise for social media. In this link Katie Paine gives us a nice scientific way of measuring Social Media.

PR and Marketing: What’s the difference between PR and Advertising

I’m willing to assume that if you are reading this blog, there’s a good chance you know the difference, but I am still stultified by the amount of people that can’t tell the difference. Let this site site do the explaining.

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360 Links for April 16

Apologies for the lack of action recently, but I have now returned from Spain (tragically not as brown as I would have hoped).

Events: Creative Republic Media Skills Masterclass

Good event coming up on Tuesday 21 April at Fazeley Studios, Digbeth hosted by everyone’s favourite republic. If you’ve never been to a Creative Republic event, I strongly suggest you do; Helga Henry and Stef Lewandowski et al are really switched on and do some great work educating, promoting and bringing together the creative industry in Birmingham. To sign up for the event, free of charge, follow the link.

Social Media: The Benefits of Social Media and SEO

Top tips from Lee Odden on increasing SEO as well as running through why social media is such a strong marketing tool, if used correctly.

Marketing: 5 Marketing myths worth testing

Randy Vaughn highlights some marketing myths, some I agree with, others less so; but a good read non the less with an interesting viewpoint on marketing a business.

Creative Design: Sprite design challenge

Some of the results from the Sprite design competition (always a great way of getting good designs for next to nothing).

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360 Links for 19 March

Marketing:The future of Twitter

Here is an insight into the monetization of Twitter. Hopefully it’s not true, I think sponsored tweets would be crass and counter productive for everyone. Obviously, as I do it myself, I think having a company presence on Twitter is a great way on connecting to people, but it must still be used in the proper way, information sharing etc, not just slapping ads in people’s faces.

Personal: URA Star

I know it is none business related but it is a great event with really strong messages that effect all of us, particularly those of you with children. The star Witness is a great guy, really switched on and does some good work through his Foundations for life charity. You can follow him on twitter also and support the welfare of local children.

Creative Design: 10 Amazing brands

Our creative director, Jason Liggitt, is a massive fan of great branding and these are some fab examples of branding that have become part of our collective psyche.

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360 Links for 15 March

Marketing: Social networking explained

For all those that think online marketers should badger all their friends and followers with company messages and not try to engage with people in the way networking was designed for, should watch this video by Perry Belcher.

Creative Design: Innovative business card design

Apologies for the whack of comments on the page but below them all are some fantastic designs that show the more creative way to get people to remember your business.

Social Media: Skittles social media gaffe

I was going to case study this faux pas but came across this post and thought this was an easier way of achieving the same goal. I do think it is worth mentioning that transparency is the cornerstone of Social Media and by taking down their twitter feed, Skittles broke that rule.

Social Media: How to restaurants should use Social Media

Need I say much more. Great case study from a really switched on company.

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