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‘Brand’ new design blog (see what I did there)

Big Cat Idea

This is starting to become quite commonplace but our very own Jason Hannon, who has sired posts on this blog, has officially started his design blog.

Jason will be discussing branding, graphic design and advertising as well as offering opinion, industry insight and examples of great design.

hannons blog

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360 post: 40 sexy and creative typographic logos

Typography is one of the basic fundamentals of design and often overlooked dynamic.

The most important part of any brand is the name of the company, obviously. So the name needs to be written in a font that is eye catching, unique, easily read and distinctive.

Typography stretches further than simply fonts, words can be made to paint a picture simply by the unique and creative nature of the typography.

To that end have a look how these companies have branded themselves simply with typography. Let me know your thoughts on some of these designs; good, bad, indifferent, whatever.

365 Design

DJ Loop




Umbrella Prints

Neck and Body


To see more, see this cool site.

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360 posts: Is branding the greatest marketing tool?


Good branding is the best marketing tool in the world, full stop. McDonald’s doesn’t make more money than Michelin star restaurants because the food is better, Coca – Cola out sells all wines and spirits despite tasting like fizzy acid. But they are branded to perfection.

The colour red is almost enough to evoke one to go sprinting to the shop and buy a coke – hell just look at the M key on my keyboard makes me feel like eating a handburger. But why is it that those brands that are so distinctive, why did I pick those two brands as examples rather than any other; is it the marketing that got them so recognised or is it the brand themselves?


Answer: Well obviously the industry is important; the biggest brand in the world will always invariably be a food and drink product as they will always be in demand. A strong, iconic, simple brand allied to clever and saturated marketing is the recipe for success.

Sadly that is easier said than done otherwise we would all be doing it.

We at Big Cat ran a small workshop on branding; all non design staff were given a brief and charged with creating a brand that would have a sound rationale and an eye catching design. In short, the company was a wood varnish owned by a Finnish company who had previous experience in saunas.

Some of the results were interesting, with some ideas being better than others but it was an interesting exericse. It seems obvious to make a brand aesthetically pleasing and uber simple but when put in the position, most people over complicated rationale and design trying to cover too many bases, and almost everyone went down the ‘Ronseal’ macho route.

Here is the winning the design – A nice simple design, incorporating the Finnish-Finish link with a nice extra being the application brush.


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360 posts, Events: Tips for product launching

Product launching is a common strand of event organisation and one that can be very difficult to master; here below are the thoughts of our senior event manager Nick Ruffles on the subject:

Launching a product is all about communicating the brand; the product is king. When choosing the right venue, you need to be sympathetic to the product and the aims of the brief, and be passionate and imaginative with the space to make the experience as visual as possible.

Choosing the right suppliers is key to running a good launch. Carefully considering your choice of provider can bring great rewards; attributes such as loyalty, reliability, competitive prices to maximise the budget, and a bespoke product manager who directly deals with your account can make all the difference.

Xbox: just one of the products that have been launched at The Custard Factory, Birmingham

Xbox: just one of the products that have been launched at The Custard Factory, Birmingham

When choosing your venue, look for somewhere with a relevant link to the product and somewhere in a good location for your prospective audience. For instance, at The Custard Factory there is a strong youth and technological culture, which made it perfect for hosting the launch of the Xbox. If you can’t find a venue that matches your exact requirements then a venue with versatility could be your best alternative. A versatile space allows you to be creative and gives you a blank canvas to work on. Suitable technological facilities, such as wireless broadband, are excellent extras that are worth looking out for – particularly if you intend to broadcast your launch over the web.

Using bloggers and online social media is without doubt playing a large part in the promotion of new products and many of our future events are very dependent on online capabilities. Online is having greater prominence in everything we do, as is safety, eco and green events. Companies that best adapt to these new trends and technologies will go a long way in 2009.

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