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Big Cat goes social – Birmingham Post

As some of you may be aware; ourselves and web whizzes, Substrakt, have joined forces to help deliver social media to regional companies and organisations. We have already collaborated on accounts with people such as West Midlands Police, NHS, Hare and Hounds and The Bull’s Head.

Yesterday, Creative Republic speaker Anna Blackaby wrote a piece documenting our new partnership in the Birmingham Post. I know its bad etiquette to document about yourself, but it is a nice indulgence from time to time.

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Creative Republic’s Media Skills Masterclass

invitationThe good people of Digbeth and Birmingham were treated to a masterclass in media skills with guest speakers Ian Taylor (Marketing Birmingham), Anna Blackaby (Creative industries editor, Birmingham Post), Marverine Cole (Sky News) and Jon Bounds (All round social media good guy). They were all pooled together by the much thanked Lyle (@creativerepublic.org.uk), who was treated almost like a prophet and weathered the compliment tidal wave like a seasoned pro.

Ruth Ward (Rewired) and Helga Henry (Fierce Earth) chaired and compered the event respectively, while an American gentleman (apologies there was alot of names to remember, and I’m not good with names at the best of times) presented the final activity, a press release crash course (with some car crash results!).

The wine was provided by Barefoot, which was happily endorsed by Helga and manifested in a Churchillian speech about Birmingham’s creative industry.

The evening started with light refreshments and some light networking with an ever increasingly familiar group of creatives. Followed by the four speeches and a press release workshop. I shalln’t go into to much detail of the minute by minute activities of the evening as I don’t think that’s necessarily the most significant thing about Creative Republic evenings.

As much as I enjoy the content of such meets (and I do), what Creative Republic do excellently is link together all the sections of Birmingham’s proudest industry. It was said last night (I forget by whom) that one of the best things about Birmingham is how well connected it is, and I have to agree. I moved to Brum in June and love the fact that at every event you go to, everybody knows everybody, and not only that, everyone supports everybody. Everyone in Birmingham’s creative industry is passionate about shouting about it and passionate about the talent in the city.

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