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360 post: 40 sexy and creative typographic logos

Typography is one of the basic fundamentals of design and often overlooked dynamic.

The most important part of any brand is the name of the company, obviously. So the name needs to be written in a font that is eye catching, unique, easily read and distinctive.

Typography stretches further than simply fonts, words can be made to paint a picture simply by the unique and creative nature of the typography.

To that end have a look how these companies have branded themselves simply with typography. Let me know your thoughts on some of these designs; good, bad, indifferent, whatever.

365 Design

DJ Loop




Umbrella Prints

Neck and Body


To see more, see this cool site.

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360 Links for April 16

Apologies for the lack of action recently, but I have now returned from Spain (tragically not as brown as I would have hoped).

Events: Creative Republic Media Skills Masterclass

Good event coming up on Tuesday 21 April at Fazeley Studios, Digbeth hosted by everyone’s favourite republic. If you’ve never been to a Creative Republic event, I strongly suggest you do; Helga Henry and Stef Lewandowski et al are really switched on and do some great work educating, promoting and bringing together the creative industry in Birmingham. To sign up for the event, free of charge, follow the link.

Social Media: The Benefits of Social Media and SEO

Top tips from Lee Odden on increasing SEO as well as running through why social media is such a strong marketing tool, if used correctly.

Marketing: 5 Marketing myths worth testing

Randy Vaughn highlights some marketing myths, some I agree with, others less so; but a good read non the less with an interesting viewpoint on marketing a business.

Creative Design: Sprite design challenge

Some of the results from the Sprite design competition (always a great way of getting good designs for next to nothing).

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