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‘Brand’ new design blog (see what I did there)

Big Cat Idea

This is starting to become quite commonplace but our very own Jason Hannon, who has sired posts on this blog, has officially started his design blog.

Jason will be discussing branding, graphic design and advertising as well as offering opinion, industry insight and examples of great design.

hannons blog

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360 post: 40 sexy and creative typographic logos

Typography is one of the basic fundamentals of design and often overlooked dynamic.

The most important part of any brand is the name of the company, obviously. So the name needs to be written in a font that is eye catching, unique, easily read and distinctive.

Typography stretches further than simply fonts, words can be made to paint a picture simply by the unique and creative nature of the typography.

To that end have a look how these companies have branded themselves simply with typography. Let me know your thoughts on some of these designs; good, bad, indifferent, whatever.

365 Design

DJ Loop




Umbrella Prints

Neck and Body


To see more, see this cool site.

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Pride London – a pride of Big Cats

This weekend saw the largest street gathering in Britain in the form of Pride London.

Our world renowned design team, in particular Andy Aitken, designed the Home Office float for the event as well as being offical creative partners for Pride London.

Saturday saw over a million people flock to the streets of London on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in America. Gay pride has become one of the biggest and most colourful dates in the public calender and, by all accounts, 2009 was the best year yet.The Home Office float was done in the theme of Shakespeare bedecked with ivy, a fountain and some rather loudly dressed individuals. The float was adorned with a banner saying

‘This above all: to thine own self be true’

a very apt saying for the occasion.

The festival started at Baker Street and concluded in Soho having passed through Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street. The route was also lined with stalls, bars and live music with a main stage in Trafalgar Square.

Anyway a great weekend was had by all Big Cats and pride goers, take a look at some of our pictures from the event. Pride London

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360 posts: Is branding the greatest marketing tool?


Good branding is the best marketing tool in the world, full stop. McDonald’s doesn’t make more money than Michelin star restaurants because the food is better, Coca – Cola out sells all wines and spirits despite tasting like fizzy acid. But they are branded to perfection.

The colour red is almost enough to evoke one to go sprinting to the shop and buy a coke – hell just look at the M key on my keyboard makes me feel like eating a handburger. But why is it that those brands that are so distinctive, why did I pick those two brands as examples rather than any other; is it the marketing that got them so recognised or is it the brand themselves?


Answer: Well obviously the industry is important; the biggest brand in the world will always invariably be a food and drink product as they will always be in demand. A strong, iconic, simple brand allied to clever and saturated marketing is the recipe for success.

Sadly that is easier said than done otherwise we would all be doing it.

We at Big Cat ran a small workshop on branding; all non design staff were given a brief and charged with creating a brand that would have a sound rationale and an eye catching design. In short, the company was a wood varnish owned by a Finnish company who had previous experience in saunas.

Some of the results were interesting, with some ideas being better than others but it was an interesting exericse. It seems obvious to make a brand aesthetically pleasing and uber simple but when put in the position, most people over complicated rationale and design trying to cover too many bases, and almost everyone went down the ‘Ronseal’ macho route.

Here is the winning the design – A nice simple design, incorporating the Finnish-Finish link with a nice extra being the application brush.


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360 Links for 19 March

Marketing:The future of Twitter

Here is an insight into the monetization of Twitter. Hopefully it’s not true, I think sponsored tweets would be crass and counter productive for everyone. Obviously, as I do it myself, I think having a company presence on Twitter is a great way on connecting to people, but it must still be used in the proper way, information sharing etc, not just slapping ads in people’s faces.

Personal: URA Star

I know it is none business related but it is a great event with really strong messages that effect all of us, particularly those of you with children. The star Witness is a great guy, really switched on and does some good work through his Foundations for life charity. You can follow him on twitter also and support the welfare of local children.

Creative Design: 10 Amazing brands

Our creative director, Jason Liggitt, is a massive fan of great branding and these are some fab examples of branding that have become part of our collective psyche.

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360 Links for 15 March

Marketing: Social networking explained

For all those that think online marketers should badger all their friends and followers with company messages and not try to engage with people in the way networking was designed for, should watch this video by Perry Belcher.

Creative Design: Innovative business card design

Apologies for the whack of comments on the page but below them all are some fantastic designs that show the more creative way to get people to remember your business.

Social Media: Skittles social media gaffe

I was going to case study this faux pas but came across this post and thought this was an easier way of achieving the same goal. I do think it is worth mentioning that transparency is the cornerstone of Social Media and by taking down their twitter feed, Skittles broke that rule.

Social Media: How to restaurants should use Social Media

Need I say much more. Great case study from a really switched on company.

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360 Links for 11 March

The difference between PR and Publicity

Guru Seth Godin discusses the importance of sorting out your PR before your publicity…

In my experience, a few people have a publicity problem, but almost everyone has a PR problem. You need to solve that one first. And you probably won’t accomplish that if you hire a publicity firm and don’t even give them the freedom and access they need to work with you on your story.

Finding the right ‘Brand Voice’ on Twitter

Need i say more about what this article is about. I may be uncomfortable reading for Twitter traditionalists but it is something that has become a strong and profitable reality.

When businesses open an account on Twitter, they must consider the right “Brand Voice.” One that is appropriate for what they want to say, and who they want to reach. This is a different sort of voice than the one companies have been familiar with in their traditional print and broadcast media channels, as it’s a more open and authentic form of communication.

In the importance of the physical world

Good point, well made by Chris Brogan. Chris makes the point that nothing ever matches face to face interaction and how such meetings are important in strengthening your online connections.

One thing that I feel is missing with all our focus on how social media will change the world is an eye for what we can do to introduce the physical world back into the equation.

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‘Secret Wars’ art battle comes to The Rainbow

monsterposh_320_260x320Please welcome yet another guest blogger, the beautiful and lovely, Jason Hannon.

Much like the cult classic, Fight Club, ‘Secret Wars’ battles are set up and promoted through word of mouth (Although you are allowed to tell people about it).

Artists are given the task of creating their own unique illustrations within a certain time frame; there is no preparation time, there is no time to think, it is purely to create there and then.

This creative battle network grows bigger by the day, every month or so they add more battle locations while new and exciting artists enter the frame.

According to the Secret Wars website, “Secret Wars is on a global mission to turn live art into a recognised sport.”
The Semi final for this years Secret Wars happens in Birmingham’s prime location for creativity, Digbeth.
If anyone fancies taking a look, it takes place in The Rainbow Pub in Digbeth on the 21st of February, This SATURDAY, starting at 9 o’clock. I think this just shows how diverse a city Birmingham is that it can host an event like this.

I have added a cool link to showcase what they actually do in Secret Wars from the 2008 final, which also took place in Birmingham.

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