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Bodies Revealed comes to the Custard Factory


After traveling the world and receiving spectacular reviews from New York to Athens, with the help of Big Cat group, Bodies Revealed is here!
Tropicanna Hotel and Casino Resort
The extraordinary anatomical exhibition is coming to the heart of England and can be seen from the 30th October at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. Without a doubt this is one of the most fascinating and bizarre exhibitions ever to grace the venue, but in conjunction with Dr Roy Glover, the Chief Medical Director and his expert team, we look to educate and inform the public in a truly amazing manner.

This exclusive exhibition gives people of all ages a chance to explore the complex inner workings of our own bodies in an exciting and educational way.

Bodies Revealed is an exciting and pioneering exhibition that revolutionises the way in which we look at our bodies. Using polymer preservation techniques Dr Roy Glover, presents a fantastic opportunity to view the complex systems that we all rely on to live.

‘Opening yourself to a greater knowledge of your own body will enable you to make more informed decisions about its care and keeping. If you are successful at doing this, then the countless hours of work that have gone into developing and preparing the exhibition for you to enjoy will have been richly rewarded.’ Dr. Roy Glover, Chief Medical director. Tropicanna Hotel and Casino Resort

The intimate workings of our bodies has fascinated humans since the dawn of the species, from the first recorded medical dissection by the ancient Greeks in 500 B.C, to the beginnings of the Human Genome project in 2003. Bodies Revealed offers a unique opportunity for the public to see what is really happening inside the human body. Using real human specimens and the pioneering technique of polymer preservation, the effects of a bad diet, excessive drinking and smoking, can bee seen in amazing detail.

It really is an opportunity not to be missed. The incredible instrument that is the human body is stripped bare and all of its deepest and previously hidden wonders are on display for all to see.

Visit for more information. Bodies Revealed Social Media can be found on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Digg and FriendFeed.

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ArtsFest: Another top notch free event

This weekend Artsfest 2009 is upon us bringing its usual mix of eclectic musical tastes and drip feed of theatre.

Free for all public events is what makes a city in my opinion; it gives you a reason to live or visit somewhere and, credit where its due, Birmingham City Council do make proactive strides to ensure Birmingham is regularly updated with municipal events.
The Council House At ArtsFest 2008_thumb[4]
Frankfurt German Market, Taste of Birmingham, International Food Market, the list goes on. Every month or so an event worth attending rears its head, not only that, a (usually) free event. Music (or perhaps arts) and food seem to be the common themes and, although not particularly varied, they are themes worth persuing.

Art representation grows year on year in Birmingham with Digbeth as its cradle and champion, while food has unexpectedly put Birmingham on the map, with its newly awarded Michelin star restaurants as its flagship. Perhaps food shouldn’t be such a surprise, Birmingham is after all the birth place of Cadbury’s.

So get down to Artsfest, enjoy free, high quality music, because few other places offer it and few others do it at such quality.

And for once let’s doff our caps to the people at BCC who are helping to bring a new identity to the city’s public areas.

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Say Hello to Big Cat Experience

All hail Leila Campbell, our newest recruit and latest blogger. The Big Cat Experience blog is now live and I demand all and sundry read it every day!

Leila will be streaming footage and images of Big Cat’s events from The Custard Factory and other external venues.

She will also be providing valuable insight into the events industry as well as comment features and general musings.

Events, dear boy, events!


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Big Cat Communication blog is launched

As promised last week, Big Cat’s seperate departments have started launching their own blogs.

We have lift off!

We have lift off!

The first to go up is our PR blog run by Natalie Hartland. She will be giving advice, comment, ideas and general thoughts from the world of PR and communications. The blog has its own twitter feed also.

Obviously it is a very much industry focused blog that will hopefully become a valuable resource for people in the sector.

Our marketing and events blogs are very close to launch and I will of course keep you updated on their happenings.

This blog will start to focus more on Birmingham and Social Media rather than trying to cover advice and comment from our four departments.

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Big Cat blog is expanding

Due to overwhelming public demand, the Big Cat blog is splitting off to represent all our departments. With the wave of social media swarming over Big Cats from all departments, each blog will be run a representative of each department who will control content and everything that comes with it.

The move is to help clarify what Big Cat does and help other Big Cats become more involved with social media. As the creator and majority poster of this blog, I have found it tough to encompass all that we do whilst keeping the blog succinct and clear.

Blogs need a theme and covering five departments on one blog isn’t ideal so it makes good sense, particularly as blogging is becoming more popular in the office.

Don’t fret if you are a fan of this blog, it will continue but (hopefully) as the other blogs become more popular, it will probably just become a stream for all the others.

I will publish it when each blog goes up as they won’t all go up at the same time.

Is this a bad idea, will it help us communicate and share more succinctly? Thoughts

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The power of social media: Daily Mail Poll

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Without doubt a great story and a true show of the infinite power of social media.
For those of you that don’t know the Daily Mail, it is a distinctly ‘Middle England‘ newspaper that deals in sensational headlines aimed at any liberalism it can get its hands on. It is despised by nearly all intelligent humans but still manages a high readership, which stuns me.

Basically, last week they put up one of their typical nonsense polls asking the ridiculous question ‘Should the NHS allow gypsies to jump the queue?’. Obviously the answer is no, it is a proposterous poll, designed to offer all the intellectual nurishment of… well the Daily Mail.

Some bright spark(s) put out a tweet asking the twitter population to vote ‘yes’ to swing an absurd poll to an absurd result. I don’t know how many people voted but thanks to, I have a good indication. Big Cat Director Anthony Tattum tweeted it from and recieved over 40,000… yes 40,000 retweets. He was recieving 200 retweets every 10 seconds at one time.

Even the biggest twitterers on the web don’t get those kinds of results, I assume (sadly I don’t fall in that bracket). The phenomonal number kept rising till it peaked at around 46,000.

The incredible amount of traffic going to the Daily Mail website caused the site to crash and the poll removed. A success I’m sure you’ll agree. The butterfly effect is alive and well and living in the twitter world.

Are there any other examples of twitter making a difference, if so let me know.

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Buy Birmingham Midland

Gather round all you inhabitants, business men and women of Birmingham and the surrounding regions.
buybirminghammidland hires
We are pleased to be launching the new ‘Buy Birmingham Midland’ initiative that we are hoping will go some way to increasing prosperity and cultivating local pride for the whole of Birmingham and Midlands.

To help West Midlands’ businesses survive the recession, we are spearheading a B2B campaign – Buy Birmingham Midland – encouraging organisations to choose regional suppliers and workers, to support the regional economy and kick-start a new era of commercial solidarity in the West Midlands.

The brand has been designed in Mono, allowing anyone who is interested to print the logo for free on any promotional literature and we would like to encourage people to show support for the scheme by copy and posting the above logo to their email signatures.

Regional businesses will be asked to sign up to the Buy Birmingham manifesto that will require a commitment to certain criteria.

To express an interest in signing up or to pledge your support, please feel free to get in touch. Please ring 0121 200 0910 or email The new website will soon be on its way.

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Events placements needed

Calling all events people! We have some very exciting events work going on this summer at music festivals, Custard Factory, etc etc etc and we are appealing for local young people who are looking for a little bit of work experience to come down and get their hands dirty.

You will be working at festivals such as Download, Supersonic and general event management at the Custard Factory.

All people welcome and we are flexible with the amount of hours and days you can work.

Replies to or call 0121 200 0910 and ask for Melanie.

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Big Cat goes social – Birmingham Post

As some of you may be aware; ourselves and web whizzes, Substrakt, have joined forces to help deliver social media to regional companies and organisations. We have already collaborated on accounts with people such as West Midlands Police, NHS, Hare and Hounds and The Bull’s Head.

Yesterday, Creative Republic speaker Anna Blackaby wrote a piece documenting our new partnership in the Birmingham Post. I know its bad etiquette to document about yourself, but it is a nice indulgence from time to time.

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Big Cat on Midlands Today

Our glorious leaders, Nick Morgan and Anthony Tattum, enthralled the Midlands all day Friday with their witty business insight on regional BBC news programme, Midlands Today.

The delightful Matthew Cooke ran an interesting piece on the winners and losers of the recession. Friday was the turn of the events industry, and after much sleuthing, Matthew chose Big Cat and the Custard Factory as an example of recession busters.

Please have a look at the link above and tell us if you think there are other venues that are winning at the moment that need a mention.

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