One single vision – Where next for Birmingham

With the departure of Clive Dutton, who has been so instrumental in securing the future of the city, thoughts turn to ‘what do we do next?’.

Do we carry on as we are, or do we introspect a bit and refine our strategy? These are tough questions and it proves what we should already know; town planning is not easy.
Our glorious leader, Anthony Tattum, said so eloquently in the Birmingham Post‘s ‘Pen Portrait’ (Sorry Alun) that Birmingham ‘needs a single vision’. I didn’t know he harboured this opinion until I read it in the paper, and I have to say I agree.

There is a relentless tug-of-war between seperate sectors on how the future of the city should look and feel.

One side would prefer to capitalise on Birmingham’s burgeoning creative industry and Digbeth based online innovation, whilst the other side would rather a more urbane, modern chic. See it as BrindleyPlace versus The Custard Factory.
brindly place
But here is the problem, it is difficult to achieve both and I can’t see the council favouring post-industrial developments such as Fazeley Studios over slick new builds like The Library and New Street Station.

Is there a middle ground or should we develop Digbeth and Eastside in the creative mould whilst cleaning up the city centre with modern designs?

Personally I think the creative industries are the future of this city and it gives a unique selling point; it would make sense to invest in these areas.

The only thing we do know is that we need to pick a direction and run in it.


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3 responses to “One single vision – Where next for Birmingham

  1. bigcatexperience

    Birmingham has come such a long way in the last few years. We really need to invest in the creative areas and focus on Digbeth. These are the areas that need the most help and will give Birmingham a bit more of it’s much needed character.

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  3. Brindley Place vs Custard Factory will be an interesting one to watch – someone has to choose what to do with Birmingham next, what direction do we go in?
    I am in agreement – we should focus on the niche in which we currently have strength – our creative industry is something to promote, be proud of and invest in. Most of B’hams Creative’s are based in the Digbeth area. My opinion is Brindley Place is nice enough, cash should be invested in Digbeth!

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