Big Cat blog is expanding

Due to overwhelming public demand, the Big Cat blog is splitting off to represent all our departments. With the wave of social media swarming over Big Cats from all departments, each blog will be run a representative of each department who will control content and everything that comes with it.

The move is to help clarify what Big Cat does and help other Big Cats become more involved with social media. As the creator and majority poster of this blog, I have found it tough to encompass all that we do whilst keeping the blog succinct and clear.

Blogs need a theme and covering five departments on one blog isn’t ideal so it makes good sense, particularly as blogging is becoming more popular in the office.

Don’t fret if you are a fan of this blog, it will continue but (hopefully) as the other blogs become more popular, it will probably just become a stream for all the others.

I will publish it when each blog goes up as they won’t all go up at the same time.

Is this a bad idea, will it help us communicate and share more succinctly? Thoughts

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