Sharkey and George return

Sharkey and George – the crime busters of the sea bring you monthly news from the BigCat board room…

Hi Guys,

Feels more like a tropical watering hole than a fish bowl this month…. It’s been so steamy we haven’t been able to see much : (

The BigCat team has been enjoying the fantastic sunshine – taking full advantage by having meetings on St Paul’s square, playing table tennis in The Lord Clifden and working at the Download festival!

Untitled 00m 14s

I got very excited when celebrating Kenny and Corn’s birthdays; this resulted in a bleary eyed night at The Victoria. Corn has been missing ever since – feared still asleep in the pub toilet!

We secretly filmed the present giving in the office. We don’t think Corn liked his presents- what do you think?

Once again the board room has been full of new faces The NEC Group’s MD Paul Thandi dropped into the office for a few hours; we were a little scared of him so we hid under the tree in our bowl until he had gone!!!

George was worried that West Midlands Police had come to arrest us, but they had only come to talk about another new Social Media campaign…..phewww.

This month we will be reporting exclusively from Pride London, taking some pictures of the Home Office float designed by the creative lot at BigCat.

Hope to see you soon,

Love Sharkey xx

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