Eclectricity Review: A hot night with Friendly Fires

Let me make my thoughts clear from the start, I am not a wild party animal or a keen fan of most of the acts at Eclectricity, but last Sunday was one of the best nights I have been to in a long time. It could have had something to do with the ABV of Becks, nonetheless it was a great night with some top performances from Calvin Harris and Friendly Fires. Although Scratch Perverts were slightly disappointing, as was Annie Mac, it could not detract from another memorable Eclectricity at the Custard Factory.
Sadly I didn’t arrive till late so apologies for the lack of review prior to Calvin Harris’s performance. Anyway, the Scotsman launched into his set with vigour and a surprising amount of charisma. I would struggle to tell you all the hits he played but it wasn’t the songs that made it special. The crowd fed off his exuberance, a fact I learnt to my cost trying to get close enough to the stage to take a good snap, and his stage presence was rather magnetic. I am currently uploading all my pictures of his performance so I’ll keep you posted when they get through.

Without doubt the highlight of the evening was Friendly Fires’s set in the Lake. Everything about them was good; the look, the music, the sound, the performance, the crowd, everything. Again, I’m not a fan of the band; they get played a lot in the Big Cat Office, generally to my displeasure, but Sunday converted me and I have certainly changed my opinions of them, even listening to them volunterily this morning.

Other highlights included Annie Mac’s stage invasion, that prompted organisers to suspend play for a few minutes, as well as Fabio’s live set.

In short summary, next time Eclectricity comes to town (May 24) make damn sure you’re there from start to finish.

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