Results from our Poll: Fully Integrated Strategy

integratedmarketingThank you to all those who got involved in our poll, it is always interesting to know what the wider world is thinking.

The fully integrated strategy option came out on top, closely run by aggressive marketing, with consolidation coming in a lowly last.

I have to admit, I agree with our readers (although I would), I think in these troubled times a full on, gung ho campaign of blanket marketing is too risky to the point of reckless and can create the perception of disrespect to the customer. I do, however, agree with it in principle. During dark times is when a company must show its teeth and I am a firm believer that the best form of defense is attack. Perception is everything for a company and a strong awareness campaign creates an image of strength and prosperity despite the gloomy economic climate.

By a fully integrated strategy, as most of you will be aware, I mean a marketing campaign that is supported by various other services. In my post about the strength of ‘Cadbury’s crunch marketing’; I case studied a perfect example of how separate services can compliment each other, creating springboards with which to push future campaigns off. Naturally PR and marketing work very closely in an integrated campaign, mainly because media buying creates leverage for editorial but also because a particularly eye catching story can create a buzz that can then be exploited with a targeted advertising splash.

Consolidation, as most of you agreed, is a weak option. Just holding ship is no way to keep a company, sure it is the safest but cracks will appear and eventually you will run out of resources. Sometimes you’ve got to the leave the safety of hibernation and go find a new kill. I’m sure I’m missing a good reason why should simply shutting the flood gates and waiting for the storm to subside is a good option but I can’t see one. This isn’t the worst position mankind has ever been in, and there is still plenty of money to be made for those willing to stick their neck out.

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