Cadbury’s lead the way in ‘Crunch’ marketing

Cadbury's lead the way in marketing

Cadbury's lead the way in marketing

I was reading an interesting article by Caitlin Moran about a poll commissioned by Cadbury’s to find the cartoon character our great nation found the most attractive. Not surprisingly the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny came a lot higher than you would have guessed.

Firstly polls are always a good way of getting quick, easy PR hit but what was so clever about the poll was that it gave a springboard for Cadbury’s to push another nostalgia based campaign. Adverts adorn buildings everywhere at the moment with images of the Caramel Bunny accompanying the PR drive. Their famous ‘bring back Wispa’ campaign was a rip roaring success and displayed a wonderfully creative, relatively cost effective strategy that took advantage of new social media platforms such as Facebook and Bebo. I know that was supposed to be an organic campaign derived from chocolate lovers suffering withdrawal symptoms but I struggle to get on board with that. Lest we forget their risky, abstract adverts with Gorilla drummers and eyebrow raising kids that have help stamp the Cadbury’s brand on the public psyche.

Cadbury’s are one of the few companies these days that are making a significant profit, whether that’s down to great marketing or people eating their troubles away, I don’t know. I queried in an earlier post whether the best way of beating the recession was to consolidate or to go on the offensive, and I think Cadbury have answered the question to some degree. The best form of defense is often attack and I believe in these times, the really gutsy, innovative, initiative taking individuals and companies can turn a huge negative into a massive positive.

Cadbury’s are a living example of a company that aren’t letting the recession cloud their judgement and continue to take large but calculated risks with their marketing strategy. And they have an awful lot of profits to show for it.

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