360 Links for 11 March

The difference between PR and Publicity

Guru Seth Godin discusses the importance of sorting out your PR before your publicity…

In my experience, a few people have a publicity problem, but almost everyone has a PR problem. You need to solve that one first. And you probably won’t accomplish that if you hire a publicity firm and don’t even give them the freedom and access they need to work with you on your story.

Finding the right ‘Brand Voice’ on Twitter

Need i say more about what this article is about. I may be uncomfortable reading for Twitter traditionalists but it is something that has become a strong and profitable reality.

When businesses open an account on Twitter, they must consider the right “Brand Voice.” One that is appropriate for what they want to say, and who they want to reach. This is a different sort of voice than the one companies have been familiar with in their traditional print and broadcast media channels, as it’s a more open and authentic form of communication.

In the importance of the physical world

Good point, well made by Chris Brogan. Chris makes the point that nothing ever matches face to face interaction and how such meetings are important in strengthening your online connections.

One thing that I feel is missing with all our focus on how social media will change the world is an eye for what we can do to introduce the physical world back into the equation.

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  1. hey kenny, good post. I think the way forward to promote the blog is to seek and post some of the best practitioners in the respective departmental fields.

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