Is PR a crime?

PR provides the living for hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, and pumps in billions of pounds into our ailing economy. It plays a key role in providing new business and sales for almost every company in almost every country in the world.

We all have our wages paid by a company that generates sales by effective PR and marketing. Money made by good marketing and PR gets channeled back into the economy through wages, tax, investments etc, speeding up the great wheel of the economy. So why is it still such a stigmatised industry?

The obvious suggestion would be the disconcerting thought that a company is impeding on our freedom of thought, as well we should find it disconcerting. We all enjoy the illusion of free will and it is uncomfortable to know how much our thoughts and decisions are influenced, by big companies particularly as PR is considered more subliminal than straight up advertising. Also the quaint insistence of a lot of PR professional to bandwagon jump and moonlight is a source of great annoyance to others.

PR is often considered part of the great capitalist beast that carries the attitude of ‘that’s the way it is now, get used to it’, ‘as long as it makes us money, what’s the problem’, and that’s fair enough but I would consider that PR has a lot of genuine benefits for the public at large. The public would never be aware of of their favourite band’s nearby gig, if they didn’t read about it in a platform designed to sell editions and sell tickets. We wouldn’t be aware of products that may benefit us without an effective marketing strategy that reaches its target audience. It is easy to forget, just because someone is trying to sell you something, doesn’t mean what they are selling is of no benefit to you.

Maybe I’m wrong or biased or completely missing the point so I would be very interested to hear people’s thoughts. Are there other reasons why we are treated with such suspicion? are we treated with suspicion? Answers on a post card or at the bottom of this post in the convenient comment box below.

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  1. Mike

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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