‘Secret Wars’ art battle comes to The Rainbow

monsterposh_320_260x320Please welcome yet another guest blogger, the beautiful and lovely, Jason Hannon.

Much like the cult classic, Fight Club, ‘Secret Wars’ battles are set up and promoted through word of mouth (Although you are allowed to tell people about it).

Artists are given the task of creating their own unique illustrations within a certain time frame; there is no preparation time, there is no time to think, it is purely to create there and then.

This creative battle network grows bigger by the day, every month or so they add more battle locations while new and exciting artists enter the frame.

According to the Secret Wars website, “Secret Wars is on a global mission to turn live art into a recognised sport.”
The Semi final for this years Secret Wars happens in Birmingham’s prime location for creativity, Digbeth.
If anyone fancies taking a look, it takes place in The Rainbow Pub in Digbeth on the 21st of February, This SATURDAY, starting at 9 o’clock. I think this just shows how diverse a city Birmingham is that it can host an event like this.

I have added a cool link to showcase what they actually do in Secret Wars from the 2008 final, which also took place in Birmingham.

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