Custard factory’s Old Library is officially the 10th best venue in the UK

#10 in the UK

Rejoicing on the streets of Digbeth, ticker tap parades across Eastside and Birmingham comes to a stand still to salute the Old Library’s welcome surprise entry at #10 in a list of the best venues in the UK, compiled by Event magazine, the Qur’an of the events and hospitality industry.

The poll was voted for by people within the events industry and the high placing is a testament to the high regard that Birmingham is now held in, particularly with regards to its events industry.

Anthony Tattum, managing director of Big Cat says, “This is a great achievement for a venue like the Old Library and an area like Digbeth, proving that Birmingham is definately not shit

The Old Library has come a long way in the last 15 years, considering its  picturesque vaults and gothic architecture were tragically set to be bulldozed until it was saved in the early90’s by the Custard Factory Quarter in partnership with ERDF and English Heritage. Its rise to a respected and widely known conference, exhibition and wedding venue is representative of Birmingham’s events and creative industry growth since the early 9o’s. The 19th century building now has 3 phase electricity, lighting bars and ISDN connections capabilities making the vintage surrounds a very modern venue.

The Custard Factory itself is grrowing in iconic status with everyday that passes, with more and more people viewing it as the flagship for the new found creativity that is becoming the outstanding feature of modern Birmingham.


For any information on the Old Library or the Custard Factory, just visit either or

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